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Thread: Exosome injections ?

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    I have seen this ad aswell, tho I have look up exosome trials on clinical trials, it shows very little results as it otherwise states in the link. Even if if this concept is not yet proven who says it doesn’t help? Sure seemed to help all the folks I’ve talked to.

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    I just met someone who has an sci and had exosome injections done somewhere in California. Will try to find out more info on the location. Apparently he says that he has gained quite a lot of function. He was previously on a motorized wheelchair and is now using a manual and has had a great reduction in neuropathy. Does anyone here have any experience with exosome injections. Lately there has been alot of positive articles on pubmed relating exosomes to spinal cord injury.

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    I will say this, one of the patients who used that clinic said they also injected his penis which is utterly absurd since nothing about sci-induced ED that is in the penis. Scam alert!

    Correction... That was stem cells in Florida.

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