my new adjuster has decided that the company i get my ic from is charging over the workers comp max payment. I have been getting them from the same company for about 10 years. Another family member who has medicare receives the same "primo lo fric" caths from the same provider ,but paid for by medicare, In my experience, workers comp always pays a lot more for everything compared to medicare.
i am sure the cheap red rubber caths are a lot cheaper than the Lofric Primo and loFric kits i get, I have had enough UTI's in the last 17 years to qualify for touchless.
I dont think that Symbius medical is charging outrageous fees, i think the adjuster thinks i should change to red rubber ones after 17 years.
i cath between 2X - 6X or more a day, depends on how angry my nerve roots are and how filled colon is.