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Thread: Upper Body Exercise UBE equipment . . . which is best?

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    Upper Body Exercise UBE equipment . . . which is best?

    has anyone had any experiences with the below equipment . . . are there other UBE equipment that you would recommend? I'm a t-10 para, athletic and looking for a good solid cardio workout.

    Schwinn Windjammer

    Matrix Krankcycle

    First Degree Fitness E-920

    SCI Fit Pro 1

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    I'd recommend the SCIFIT or the Krankcycle.
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    I have a krankcycle. It's analogous to a spin bike except it can coast. The main downside is that I cannot push very hard without tipping my manual chair. You can rotate the entire assembly so that you're not on the platform meaning you can use it from a power chair, but the number of vertical angle positions available is limiting.

    Short version is I rarely use it as a result of these limitations.
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    FYI I get the best heart rate results from outdoor handcycling with the Easy Stand Glider being second, but I do NOT recommend the glider as the limited hand positions results in too much wrist stress. I'd go for one of the seated ergometers like the sci fit.
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    You might also want to look at MotoMed products, which we used and provided for home use, at the SCI Center where I used to work:

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    My main cardio is handcycling and the Vitaglide. Been handcycling for 43 years and Vitagliding for ten. Vitaglide is introducing a new model that's come out I may upgrade too.

    Handcycle provides the outside work needed and the VG is for working indoors. I'd been looking for a good UBE for years but have yet to find one that provides the quality workouts I desire.

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    I use the krank cycle at my local gym. It's simple but gets the job done. I wish it had a way to track distance, resistance, etc but it doesn't. I've been wanting to try a concept ski erg machine but haven't yet. I've seen a lot of the top motocross guys using them now. I try to replicate it using resistance bands and its still a good workout
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