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Thread: Any snow birds?

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    Any snow birds?

    Hello everyone,

    Whom amongst us is doing the snow bird thing? Anyone?

    How are you managing? Where do you stay / go? Rent or buy?

    I really could never see snow again and be happy. 4 - 12 weeks away is good.

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    Would be nice if you included your location in your profile...

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    Ten years in a motorhome. North in the summer, south in winter. Volunteered with the Forest Service, BLM and Nat Parks.

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    upstate NY in summer, Ft Myers in winter
    I've been a snow bird for 12 years. I own a home in north central PA and rented for the first few years in Fort Myers FL, then bought a condo there. Snow and cold crappy weather is the worst. You won't regret your decision to be a snow bird.

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    I live in the Boston area and I would love to spend five months in Florida during the winter. One problem for us as our house up here. I would be worried sick about power outages, frozen pipes, leaks and so forth. That happened to my mother and father about 20 years ago and they came home to a colossal mess.

    Another concern I have is I don't want to lose my PCA up here and she cannot leave and come with us as she is married with a child in school. Also I am involved in a program up here in Massachusetts where I work 10 hours a week and the state pays for my PCA, 100%. Also, I would need to get another PCA in Florida and pay her out of my pocket.

    I am leaning towards selling my house in Massachusetts and moving into a condo up here someplace and buying a condo in Florida and spending five months out of the year down there. My wife can be very disagreeable and she does not want to sell the house and sacrifice 3000 sq.ft. of living space and move into a condo with 1200 sq.ft of living space. Plus we have a cat that my wife thinks will not be able to adjust to moving back and forth twice a year.

    It totally sucks looking out the window in December, January, February, March, and even April only to see snow on the ground and have temperatures anywhere from 10 below zero to 40 degrees. I hardly go out in the winter because of that.

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    Any Canadians? Want to hear some advice... experience...????

    Miracles are not contrary to nature, but only contrary
    to what we know about nature
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    upstate NY in summer, Ft Myers in winter
    Quote Originally Posted by smokey View Post
    I would be worried sick about power outages, frozen pipes, leaks and so forth.
    you can have your house winterized for a few hundred dollars, they pump propylene glycol into you water lines and baseboard hot water system to prevent freezing. then you can kill the power at the main breaker.

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    As a Canadian snow bird you will have to buy extended medical insurance for being out of country, you tell them you have a stable pre-existing condition which they make note of but doesn't change anything. My medical insurance is under $2 a day and I get 2 weeks free through my credit card. If you really do a long snow bird stay in the states over 182 days you'll have to be concerned about US taxes but this threshold won't effect many folks. Finding accessible accommodation is the hardest part especially since everyone wants to escape the winters like you. I ended up buying a condo on Maui 25 years ago to achieve this but this isn't for everyone and owning US property complicates life. Easier to rent if possible but like in case of my condo if I don't use it for personal use I have a wait list of repeat renters willing to rent it from mid December into March. In theory I could rent my condo fivefold during these dates because of the demand. Good luck with your dreaming and planning. Aloha Bruce

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    central plains of Canada
    Quote Originally Posted by comad View Post
    Any Canadians? Want to hear some advice... experience...????
    You can rent or buy a condo in Puerto Vallarta. This one is ADA compliant

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    This will be my first year as a snow bird. We just bought a condo in Saint George Utah. I was born and raised in the area and all of my siblings are still in the area. I have been planning on doing this for the last five years. I had a new furnace and blue tube thermostat installed last year and a automatic whole house generator installed this summer. I still will have a plumber blow my pipes out and have my water shut off just to be safe. Living in rural ND during the winter is not as easy as it used to be. When I was at my 40th high school reunion I was amazed at how many of my class mates had move to Saint George as one of them told me you don't have to shovel sunshine

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