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Thread: Colostomy questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by nevada View Post
    It has been three months now since I had my ostomy installed and so far I have only had one incident or blow out for lack of a better term. However my main issue is with pancaking which happens on a regular basis. I am trying to firm up my stool via diet but I am still dealing with this issue. I hope that in the next three months I have it figured out. I will say that not having to worry about doing my bowel routine on a daily basis has been great. I do sometimes get a little depressed knowing that I need a tube to pee and a bag to shit excuse my french
    Pancaking? Please clarify. Do you mean a poop pancake at the ostomy and top of bag? Loose poop pushing the flange off, looks like a pancake when the flange is removed?
    Or something else?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pfcs49 View Post
    Pancaking? Please clarify. Do you mean a poop pancake at the ostomy and top of bag? Loose poop pushing the flange off, looks like a pancake when the flange is removed?
    Or something else?
    What he said! Pancaking?

    Hey Stormie! It sure has been awhile. Hope you guys are well! I'll deffinately keep you posted

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    I use a two piece setup and have tried most of the suggestions listed above except for the wet tissue paper which I will try tonight when I change out my wafer. The pancaking I was referring to was the sticking of stool to the top of the bag and not letting the new stool come up from the stoma and then it goes between the stoma and the wafer and I end up with stool trying to break out of the wafer so I guess you could call it a stack of pancakes.

    I do think sitting in the chair may have something to do with the pancaking as I am not standing up so that gravity has a better chance to do its thing

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    Nevada, have you tied different lubes? I use brava by coloplast. They seem to not all be equal.
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    Sometimes, wearing an ostomy belt can help with this, since it pushes on the stoma area, and can make it easier for solid stool to go into the bag.

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    I have had 2 ostomies (ileostomy and urostomy) for years (10 years for ileo, and 3 years for uro), so I can answer some questions:
    1. No, ostomies don't smell, except for when you are emptying them, of course. The 4 most common disposable appliances are literally odorproof. If you are concerned about the output smelling badly when emptying your bag, there are some ostomy deodorant drops that you put in the bag after emptying. I like Hollister Adapt Lubricating Deodorant.
    2. Most ostomies are not visible under clothes. I found that using ostomy bag covers helps with reducing the outline of the bag as it gets full, which is common for urostomies and ileostomies. I make my own out of cotton fat quarter fabric you can find at any craft stores. As far as noises from the bag, sometimes you get an air bubble that makes the bag gurgle a little, but from my experience, no one notices the small noise.
    3. All your gas goes into the ostomy bag, so unless its "vented", the bag will start to inflate like a balloon. I use 2-piece appliances, so I can pull up a tiny corner to vent the gas out easily. All appliance brands have an option of a charcoal filter to help reduce gas buildup, but I found they don't work well with ileostomies.
    4. If you get stool that won't go down into the bag easily, a lubricating ostomy deodorant helps, as well as convex wafers and a ostomy belt. If you have a colostomy, sometimes not getting enough fiber can cause super thick output that is hard to get to go down in the bag.
    5. Usually you wear your appliance for 3-6 days, but sometimes heat and sweating, or gaining/losing weight can affect how long the appliance will stay on. I discovered that in the summertime, I have to change my appliances more frequently, due to heat and sweating more.
    5. Finally, order as many samples of different ostomy appliances as you can to see what one works the best for you. Hollister, Coloplast, Cymed, ConvaTec, and NuHope all send free samples to people with ostomies. After trial and error, I found that ConvaTec appliances work the best for very liquid output, like in ileostomys and urostomies.

    Hope this helps!


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    Well, its final. Surgery booked for September 14th.

    How long was everybodies hospital stay? That's what freaks me out the most

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaun View Post
    Well, its final. Surgery booked for September 14th.

    How long was everybodies hospital stay? That's what freaks me out the most
    Have you discussed with the surgeon? What method of surgery are you having? Open laparotomy surgery, or laparoscopic? The former usually requires a longer hospitalization; the latter is sometimes done as an outpatient procedure. Are you having your sigmoid colon and rectum removed or left in place? The latter also results in a shorter length of stay. Generally we kept people in the hospital until they passed their first stool through the colostomy, which varies depending on any post-op ileus (temporary paralysis of the bowel).

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    She did mention laparoscopic. Sigmoid end loop.. no mention of removing anything.

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    I had a Sigmoid Loop done. They didn't take out anything. I was in for two or three days. they wanted to make sure all was working first. I was told it's the easiest to take care of. The only change I had to make was adding one tablet of Immodium in the morning for better stool consistency.

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