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Thread: Colostomy questions

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    One of my concerns is that if there are issues, I don't always have someone available to deal with said issue.

    BTW, I am C4/5 complete male, 24 yrs post.

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    Just curious on what folks prefer.. 1 piece or 2 piece system?

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    I never considered a one piece. Seems it would be a PITA.
    With the two piece, I can unsnap the top of the bag-ring, and see what is going on!

    Sometimes it's not safe to just pop it off; I may need to fold up a toilet paper and put it under the intersection of bag and flange.
    I try to empty the bag and keep using it if it's not gooey in there
    And if needed, I can change bags real fast if something's going on. I don't think the one-piece bags give you that flexibility.
    Flanges normally last me a week; I'm sure I could go longer sometimes but why risk take?
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    Totally agree with pfcs49. They sent me home from the hospital with a 1 piece. As a functional c6, The 1 piece would never work for me independently. There's a lot of fine motor skill involved with clipping, rolling, squeezing stuff out. I could see that getting ugly really fast. 2 piece is a snap, literally. And so far, I always place a paper towel right there in case...
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    I put a trash sack on lap then use a ingles or Walmart plastic bag underneath bag have toilet paper ready and suppies that way just in cast its not going all over me put in bag tie dispose of neat efficent

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    Agree wrt the two-piece. The various suppliers out there are happy to send you samples to try. It's worth trying out a few different systems to figure out what works for you. There are also flushable/biodegradable liners that you can use with the two-piece system, where you can basically pull the bag out and flush it away. I highly doubt that they are truly flushable though and would be concerned about just ending up with a huge mess.

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    For #2, take a long skinny throw pillow to work with you and stuff it between the desk and your colostomy (on your lap and outside of your pants). This creates an almost full proof muffler (95%). Smell will be determined mostly by what you eat. 24 years with a colostomy and 23 of them while working. I figured the pillow muffler thing out 6 years ago (after a woman with Asperger's who sat by me asked the department if they heard a fart everytime my colostomy sounded off... what a nightmare).

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    i have a 2 piece and would consider a 1 piece if i could find 1 i liked
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    I was sent home with a two piece system and it did not work for me. I use a one piece disposable (meaning you can't empty it). It takes a couple minutes to change it. I'm a c3c4 quad and need full assistance to change it.

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    So am I understanding correctly that with a 2 piece the connector around the stoma can stay on for a week and you only change the bag as needed?

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