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Thread: Colostomy questions

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    Colostomy questions

    Hi, I've read numerous threads here regarding colostomies, and it has been something I've been considering more and more. I have a few questions I'm hoping can be answered:

    1. Is the bag visible through clothing?
    2. My work involves communicating with individuals, often in small, quiet settings. Will I need to be concerned about noticeable sounds/smells?
    3. I have a lot of bloating due to retained gas. Will this be alleviated with the colostomy, and will I then need to be concerned about an inflated bag?
    4. Are there any issues with airplane travel?

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    If you have a lot of gas, you may have issues with noise (although usually not as much as with anal farts!), and the bag can inflate and bulge so that it shows through clothing if your shirt is tight-fitting. The same is true if you accumulate a large amount of stool in your bag and don't empty it in time.

    You should discuss these issues with the ostomy nurse (usually an RN with a CWOCN) that you should be meeting with prior to your surgery. You may need to make dietary modifications or take some medications to help with the gas. Your ostomy nurse should also be able to direct you to appliances/bags that have gas release valves (with a charcoal filter to control odor), and that are easy for you to empty.

    The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.

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    Hi, I am 8 weeks post today. Still healing and figuring it all out. I was not prepared for the healing process, but time and patience helps and I can see things getting better every day. With it's newness in mind, here's how I'd answer your questions:
    1st, remember everyone is different and there are many products available for you to find the right stuff for you based on trial & error.

    1 - If you wear really form fitting cloths you might see a slight bulge. This will depend on many factors, including where your stoma ends up, your cloths, how full you let the bag get. When I tuck mine into yoga pants (pretty form fitting & what I live in), you really can't see anything. Before I had it done, some very kind people sent me samples to try so I can get an idea. If you'd like to try some stuff, pm me. I'd love to pay it forward.

    2 - They have filters on some bags and deodorizing fluids you can put in the bags. I have only experienced odors while changing bags (unavoidable, just like going to the bathroom, naturally). I do have loud gas on fairly rare occasions, but was told by an ostomy nurse that you can minimize this by placing your hand over the stoma while its happening if you can catch it. I think diet can help with this, too.

    3- For 27 years, I have suffered from not being able to regularly expel gas. Definitely not the case anymore - and a total pro! If you have a filtered bag, this should let the gas escape. "Burping" the bag is easy if necessary.

    4 - I fly in July & will let you know.

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    Thank you! Prior to the colostomy, did you find you were bloated b/c of the retained gas, and was it resolved with the colostomy (though now in the bag)?

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    Because I wear a fanny pack when I'm out, my bag doesn't show-it's behind the FP
    In fact, it covers me up enough that on those occasions that the chocolate factory goes into overtime production, I can pull my shirt out of my pants in front, and bring the bottom half of the bag up as well, so I can keep track of filling, etc, and plan a trip to the bathroom.
    Also, on the very rare occasions I've pumped mud (runny/diarrhea), I'll fold a bag and leave it in my shirt pocket in case I have to do a hot splice (quick change while the service is still on)
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    as far as being visible that depends on the clothing you wear. generally if you wear tight fitting clothing yes it will be visible. i generally wear very loose fitting clothing so it isn't visible so much as far as gas i can't tell you but alot depends on the type of foods you eat. no issues while flying just make sure your empty before you board aircraft. and i have a urostomy so i tend not to drink so much the day prior and the day of that way i won't have to empty on flight. check the pageant go to the forum's on there. tons of info.
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    What really helped me with gas and looser stool was taking one immodium in the morning. Still get gas but not nearly as bad as I used to. As for it showing; well there is a bulge there.I keep my shirt out and that helps a lot. I always have three extra bags wrapped in two paper towels each placed in seperate disposal bags in my seat pouch for the times I need them. Have had a Sigmoid Loop Colostomy for 8 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by landrover View Post
    Thank you! Prior to the colostomy, did you find you were bloated b/c of the retained gas, and was it resolved with the colostomy (though now in the bag)?
    Yes, gas was bloating, painful and caused slight AD regularly. Plus, I never knew if it was just gas, y'know, so always caused anxiety and insecurity. I am still really early in this process, and I can't say I'm not still bloated but could be post-abdominal surgery swelling. I do know that I pass gas when needed. I am also having bad female problems in the region, and can't say that is not the source of my "fullness".

    It might help if I knew your gender and injury level, years post sci...?
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    I agree with everyone. Unfortunately everyone is different so what works for me might not work for you. Gas is gas! Some days I won't have any and some days I have a lot. I'm sure what you eat will determine that. Before getting my colostomy 4 years ago I would get AD symptoms from gas now I don't. I wear my shirts out so the bag is covered. I always have supplies in my backpack just in case I need it changed.

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    Been interesting reading following the accounts and advice of others on this. Booked the next step and well be speaking with an Ostomy nurse on the 10th.

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