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Thread: Tricks for changing sheets?

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    Tricks for changing sheets?

    Have a nightstand on each side of the bed. My arms are not long enough to stretch a sheet around the mattress. A reacher works but it takes forever to work it down around the mattress so it fits right.

    Appreciate hearing any tricks folks have come up with for changing the sheets from a power chair.
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    Are you able to pull the mattress off the bed say about a foot.... head of bed to feet of bed direction.
    Snag the sheets around both cornets at the head end of the mattress, then push the mattress back on again.. then the corners at the feet end of the mattress?
    Just ideas...

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    Not much help in changing but I sleep on a large bath towels, and just change that every few days and change the sheets once or twice a month depends if I have sweat a lot or not.

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    Haha...I do the towel thing too. But after a couple weeks it has to be changed. Sliding the mattress away from the wall is probably the most convenient. Thxs.
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    If changing sheets on your bed is a problem, I would think there are other housekeeping tasks that are equally difficult.

    Maybe your best solution is a once a week, once every two weeks housekeeping service.

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    Black dot.

    I have to admit when I change the bedding I get a workout doing it!

    One tip I can share with you to make less work for you when you change the fitted sheet. Once the sheet is on the correct way I get a black Sharpie marker and put a black dot on the mattress corner on the side I sleep on and a black dot on the fitted sheet same area as on mattress.

    So, the next the sheet comes around to put on the bed first I look for the black dot and match them up and I know the sheet will fit right the first time.

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    This was a major workout for me for decades, and involved getting on the beds (2). After a major medical setback in my late 60's I hired a housekeeper the day after I got home from. the hospital. I feel fortunate to have them and they clean the whole house. Same two women for 8 years now.
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    I always set up my bed so i have access to 3 corners. I put the sheet onto 3 corners and then i jump onto the bed and put the 4th corner on. Works really well. (still PITA though, lol)

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    my bed is in the middle of room so I can roll all around it

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    I use a king flat sheet on a queen mattress. A lot less hassle than the fitted.
    When I had fitted I put the kitty corners on first. One top corner then the opposite bottom corner. This held the sheet and lined it up. Then the other two weren't near as hard to get on.

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