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Thread: moisture wicking shorts

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    moisture wicking shorts

    my doctor told me the moisture wicking shorts is what i should be wearing as they would keep me cooler in summer i was wondering yalls thoughts on this b4 i go out and buy these expensive things

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    Try real sheep skin on seat or cushion bottom!

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    Before my injury I did a lot of sailing including racing across oceans. Once you wear technical clothing for for activities you will never go back, they keep you warm when it is cold and cool when it is hot. In the last 4 months since I was injured I pretty much always wear technical pants/shorts unless that attire is not appropriate.

    One word of warning, if you can avoid it do not use fabric softener when you wash technical clothing as it reduces how well it "breaths".


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    The only problem is when the moisture gets wicked out you are sitting on a rubber or foam cushion, so where is this moisture going to go? I have used some fabric used in making diapers I cut a 3 to4 wide by 10 inches or so and place it under my underwear . I can then remove it and the moisture is gone.

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