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I don't have a basement but I do have a crawl space. When I had my house built I insisted on a level entrance and concrete slabs won't work in this area because of soil conditions. My contractor notched the foundation and set the floor joists down into the foundation so the house sits into the foundation giving it level entrances, as opposed to the joists sitting on top of the foundation as they normally do - which requires you step up into the house. The notching will work the same for a basement though you'll need to dig the basement a foot deeper or you'll lose a foot of basement ceiling height. I have pictures if you need them. For your basement you might be able to do a walkout with a french drain for water control. Your contractor would have an engineer look at the lot, soil, etc. to determine it's feasibility and cost. If you were able to do a walkout windows wouldn't be required as you'll have an exit in case of emergency.
I'd love to see those pics if you'd be willing to share them. Maybe you could email me. I'll pm u my email