5 weeks ago I had an ischial flap surgery and a few days ago I was discharged home from the hospital. I urinated through Foley catheter during my stay in hospital. I am now on 2 weeks of bed rest before I can start the sitting program but I removed the catheter and started to intermittent cath on my side (I'm in the prone position almost all day). Although my urinalysis came back clear I need to cath every 1.5 hours and there is only 150 cc of urine in the bag. I take anticholinergic drugs but I didn't while in hospital. I am aware that the bladder contracted a bit but I was surprised that after only 5 weeks the volume decreased from 500 cc to only 150 cc. The other thing is that I'm constipated and bloated. Maybe hard stool and gas also impacts my bladder. Is there anything I can do to increase the bladder capacity? Or I just have to wait and it will be resolved in a week or something? How can I deal with constipation?