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Thread: Need auto glue for van trim recommendation

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    Need auto glue for van trim recommendation

    Does anyone knowledgeable of exterior van body parts know of the best glue to re-adhere a piece of trim? The stronger the better too. Thanks! The glue strips we used last year have lost their stickiness.
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    3M Automotive trim attachment tape. Remove the trim, clean with any solvent that won't leave a film, such as laquer thinner. Apply the tape, it's a double sided tape. If there's attachment tape on the trim that you take off make sure you remove it. 3M super weather strip will probably do the job too, but it will be messy.

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    or epoxy but use sparingly.
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    Spent 30 yrs. owning a body shop and saw all kinds of attempts at fix's and there is nothing as good as the 3M tape. Use it for a other things too.

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    Gorilla Glue "gel" make sure its the gel and not liquid . Works great

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