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Thread: used lifts

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    used lifts

    how do u know that if you buy 1 tat it really works why dos mobility works quote 8k and I see used from 300 to 2 k


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    Only buy lift that is still installed and actually can use!
    If very least hook jumper box or battery up to one uninstalled to make sure it works.
    Next you ain't really going get out "cheap" unless you install it yourself or find a lift shop that works fleets or someone that ain't going hose you on install.

    Back in 03 our trade in on current Sprinter had 2 year old lift in it. Regular lift shop wanted about 1K to pull it and install in my old 88 Chevy that had 12 year old lift in it. I was keeping old van as backup cause 96 Dodge we were trading in transmission was shot for 3rd time with no warranty.
    DME gave contact info to shop that did fleet work for medical equipment transport, mostly cardiac machines. That shop charged less than $200 and spliced power cable to fit the length needed instead of new cable harness.
    Most lift shops will want add new power cable, new bolts, new lift base and list goes on. By time they get through your 300 to 2K used lift turns into a 1.2K to 3K installation.
    "Good Luck!"

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    MAny old lifts are worn out and parts are not available.

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