A new platform is being built by a consortium of the larger SCI foundations and organisations to help people find trials.

The aim is to make it as easy to use and useful as possible to the community, rather than the minefield that is clinicaltrials.gov.
Trials will be professionally reviewed so that the information is clear and relevant.

The question is what would you want to know to make you join a trial?

I've put a list of the things that are on there, but if you have ideas of things that are missing or even if its just to let us know whats most important to you it will help make a system thats relevant to everyone.

  • What does this trial aim to do?
  • Does it apply to me? - Injury levels, ASIA type etc
  • Where is it and how do I sign up
  • Whats involved in the trial
  • Email notifications of updates and new trials

Any feedback or ideas are fair game and will be added to the roadmap for it.