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Thread: Question for employed SCIs

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    Yeah, pooping without some sort of assistance - bullet, finger, enema - don't work too well and my T3 complete toilet transfer is ugly plus cleaning up in a stall at the office isn't going to go well.
    The few times I've had accidents there was no grumbling gut, no gurgling, just did a push-up to do pressure relief or transfer and heard a fart that wasn't a fart. I have zero sensation of needing to crap other than neuropathic (not real) sensations that sometimes feel like I'm actually taking a crap. Likewise I often feel like I have to pee urgently right after a 500 mL cath. So nothing I "sense" can be trusted in any way.
    T3 complete since Sept 2015.

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    Jimmay, It must be screaming dark in Thunder bay at 5am.

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