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Thread: Wheelchair van interior dimensions

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    Wheelchair van interior dimensions

    My wife must be transported in her wheelchair with her legs fully extended. Could you provide the the distance between the back of the front seats to the front of the 3rd row seats for the brand of converted van that you have?

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    When my mother broke both her femurs she had to sit in her wheelchair with her knees fully extended for several months, although she could flex her hips at 90 degrees. Since their van was set up for her to lock into the EZ lock on the passenger side with her power chair (and there was no seat in the passenger front) we used manual tie downs in the van during that time, so she was sitting further back in the van but still pretty much in the passenger front position. Their van had a side ramp, so no middle seats, just the bench seat in the back of the van.

    Can your wife flex her hips, but not her knees? And what is the reason for the limitation? HO? Fractures? Contractures?

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    Thank you for your reply. She can flex to a sitting position. She has a contracture of her right hip and an old, untreated break in the left.
    I realize that if the passenger seat is removed that I probably could utilize that extra space but was interested to find if any converted van had enough space between the seats. I wpuld need 55 in.

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