Hello All,
Newbie here and I have a question. I have always liked beer and continue to do so after my accident though at a more moderate level. While I am only into this whole thing a little over 4 months I am still getting a handle on how the body reacts to fluid intake vs output but in the last couple weeks I seem to have found a happy medium with no drastic swings one way or the other. With that said I have learned to drink slower and consumption is down to maybe three beers over 3-4 hours on the occasional "big" evening. Next weekend we have decided to go ahead and throw a party that we have thrown for the last 12 years. I imagine that over the 6-7 hours the party lasts for I may surpass 3 beers and just trying to figure out how to play this as this is uncharted waters for me. I know drinking hard alcohol would be easier but to be honest I just don't enjoy it as much as a good beer save for a wee dram every now and then.

Don't take this the wrong way but my best friend and I were at a party decades ago and there was a guy in a wheelchair who was completely drunk and annoying. Ever since then, and a bunch since my injury, we have used the phrase "No one likes a drunk guy in a wheelchair" so I do not plan on being "that guy".