Hello All,
Not sure if this is the right section so please feel free to move. I am a newbie that supposedly was has a T10 Complete injury, my injury took place on Feb 2nd of this year so I am a bit over four months into this. I spent six week at in-patient therapy at Burke Rehabilitation in New York. In the last 8-10 weeks I started to get feeling back in the skin of my legs, now at good 2/3rds down my thighs, and buttocks and during the last week of my stay my PT was pretty sure she felt a little activity in my hip flexors. As I continued in out patient PT I started to use Craig Scott braces and kind of shuffled my left leg with no action on my right leg until 10 days ago where I "walked" with walker and actually got the right leg to "go". Since then she has done a few sessions in the Zero-G for gate practice. My last PT session was a evaluation to see how things are going and I surpassed all my goals that she had set by a good margin. The last evaluation of the day was to check on my hip flexors, I laid on my side, legs bent, and asked to pull my leg up to my chest....and guess what? I freaking moved my leg a good 3-4 inches on my own power. I accused her of helping me which she denied (It is a good thing we like each other). After my accusations she got some sort of low friction pad to put between my legs to do it again so she could be hands off. Boom every time I was able to move my leg 3-6". We tried the other side (right) and I was able to do the same thing but I was not quite as strong. I am also getting trace movements of the muscle above my knee on the inside as well as being able to move my muscles in the top of my butt cheeks. I will say that PT session was pretty darn cool considering what my surgeon had told me just a couple month prior.

With all that said I am not one to go chasing things which do not make sense and I am very much a realist when it comes to my injury and don't really believe in miracles. This morning I was on my side and the better half told me to move my leg and with no help I freaking moved my left leg a good 6" again and it got us talking. Obviously something is going on here which according to the initial diagnosis was never suppose to happen. I am not a fan of the Dr. I had at Burke and to be honest I do not think he has the knowledge to offer me any insight. I do wonder however if it would be worth talking to a specialist about these changes and see if there is anyway in seeing if I can get more stuff to come back over what my PT is doing? BTW, I cannot say enough good things about the PT's and OT's I had a Burke.

I am not sure what all this progress is going to get me and I know I will not be dancing a jig anytime soon but I also want to make the most of my progress.

Would love to hear your thoughts.