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Thread: Thought I was having heart attack - ER said no. Still Feel Off

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    Thought I was having heart attack - ER said no. Still Feel Off


    Last week I encountered some very odd feelings. Dizziness - not constant but when I moved my head. Felt like vertigo. Then I started feeling pressure in my chest and tingling in my legs (which I can't feel)

    My BP is normally 80's/60's. I took and it was 120/80 ish, But no sign of hyper reflexia. I called ambulance. There diagnostics showed same BP but nothing screaming MI.

    wENT to ER (A health risk for a quad in itself) they did blood work, CT of head, ecg (or ekg?) everything negative.

    I still feel "off" pressure in my chest and occasional dizziness especially when I tilt my head back.

    I could swear I was having a heart attack... Any thoughts?

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    hard to say could be alot of things any signs of illness beside what you have said? did they do any lab work? i would followup with your primary and maybe either a cardiologist or your neurologist if you have one.
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    Hey Smash. Thanks. Yes my a labs, including heart markers all good. My GP has chalked it up to wonky sci blood pressure.

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    See an ENT or your PCP if you have one. maybe sinusitis or inner ear issues. Not sure why this would cause chest pain. CWO
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