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    Honolulu Hawaii

    I?m going to a conference in Honolulu this July. Any tips on accessible transportation, attractions, and other things to enjoy?

    thanks in advance
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    The Bus is accessible, with lifts, and a good way to get around town. Traffic is horrible, and trying to find a place to park nearly impossible, so bus better than renting a van. The Bishop Museum is accessible, as is the Honolulu Aquarium (south end of Waikiki beach). Have a drink at the pool-side bar at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel (the big pink building on the north end of Waikiki beach) for a great view, and a stroll through their lobby area will also show some spectacular tropical flower arrangements. There are several sunset dinner cruises that leave from the Aloha Tower area that are accessible too.

    I love Hawaii, but am not a fan of Honolulu myself due to how touristy and crowded it is. Get over to the North Shore if you can. I believe the Polynesian Cultural Center (very touristy) has accessible buses that you can take there if you want to go to this type of thing. Travel is about an hour each way.

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