Hi fellow travelers...this question is for a possible trip years from now (so right now fantasy). I know only I can decide, but sometimes it's nice to hear other's opinions. The reason I am planning a trip so far in advance is because I am trying to use reward/airline miles for either hotel/airline. So here are my 3 current choices:

1. Return trip to Japan, but this time for longer, and to cities beyond Tokyo. I absolutely loved my trip to Tokyo last September. But strangely, I have trepidation that a return trip to a place I've been before (and enjoyed) won't live up to my previous visit. Anyway, I hope to bank enough rewards to fly business class, and whatever points remain for hotels.

2. Maui. This I could/would do in September '19 possibly. I would use points for my hotel stay fully. I would fly coach on Alaska Air.

3. Europe. Not sure when/where. I can't explain it, but for now, Europe is not high on my list, but I know others raved about it.

4. Pipe dream...the Maldives. Though I think it's nearly impossible for a pwc user to get there?

So of those 4, preferences? Or others?