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Thread: Wheelchair fit and delivery inspection?

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    People here are giving great advice regarding the overall fit of a chair.

    But in a more realistic light, if you're asking what the DME might be able to do to adjust the chair, a ZRA's only adjustments are dump (how low the back of the seat is to the frame) and backrest angle. Depending on your choice of footrest, the angle and height of this is probably adjustable as well.

    Make them adjust it until it fits right (especially the back angle, this is a bitch to adjust on your own), then go home and live with it for a few days. If you want to tweak it, bring it back and make them adjust it. They've gotta do something for the money they're making, right?

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    From the tilite website:
    Product Details:

    • Adjustable seat, back, & center of gravity
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    Front seat height is also adjustable +\- .5" without changing caster sizes, more of you want to change them. Footrest height is also adjustable. So is wheel spacing. Camber is changeable, not really "adjustable", but you can swap camber tubes if you want to change that.
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    Added inch to the top frame rail for more space to grab while transferring. The beauty of the ZRA as a first chair is you'll be able to dial in your preferences for the next one. How much dump did the DME measure? For a T/10; a 2" dump is pretty standard.

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    Hello All,
    Thanks so much for the reply's. Yes, I had not only the sales guy measure me but my OT as well as the woman who does all things wheelchairs at the rehabilitation place I was at (Burke in White Plains, NY). He asked a lot of questions about how active I am and what I will being doing in my chair and discussed different options with my OT and me, he was not in a chair but has been measuring chairs for 5 years and before that worked with a adaptive skiers and ski chairs. I am a bit of a control freak as well as being a bit particular and being a newbie I am not well versed in how this should go. I did receive the CAD drawing of my chair, asked for it, and have cross checked it with the original order form and everything lines up as far as I can tell but was not asked to sign off on anything, guessing my sales guy did. We talked about different models that Tilite offers and he did suggest the ZRA because of the adjustability and being able to make small changes to suit me over time.

    As for the "dump", a phrase I just learned when buying off road wheels, I am at 2", 19.5" in front without the cushion. I attached the CAD drawing if that helps, the order form is to big to attach.

    They have the CG set at 2.5". Curious what you guys run once you are comfortable in your chairs?

    I will tell you that I am stoked to get out of the POS I am in and into my new chair. The count down is on and it should ship on the 26th. I did make one change to the chair last minute. I bought a Freewheel attachment and read one to many reports of the adjustable angle footrest breaking because of the load the Freewheel puts on the footrest so I went with the tubular footrest with the deck on it. I talked to Tilite and while the woman I talked to said the adjustable angle footrest would work with the Freewheel she also said the other footrests were substantially stronger.

    Thanks again.

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    Looks good Jim. Make sure he orders the extra spacers in case you need to adjust the width between the wheel and frame; they're free. Everyone uses a different COG. The further forward it is, the easier to do a wheelie and quicker turns; back cog harder.

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    ZRA was my first chair, too. It's a fabulous first chair because of its adjustability. As said above, post some pics of yourself in the chair when you get it. We love to share our opinions (as you probably noticed). Significant time (months) is required to dial your chair in; when you make adjustments, make them small and very few (aka one) at a time. After each adjustment give your body a few days to acclimate before adjusting again.
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    Cool....Thanks guys, good stuff.

    On the adjustments it sounds just like sailing, RC gliding, or racing cars......make one adjustment at a time ;-).

    I am assuming all the fasteners on the Tilite chairs are SAE and not metric? and I am guessing they are all Allen Head fasteners? I will need to pick up a set of SAE as all I have are metric.



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    Tilite sells a tool with all the corect sized all hex keys for the chair. it's on the order form in the accessories

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    Good to know but looking at what Tilite charges for stuff I am thinking a quick trip to the Home Depot may be more financially responsible ;-).


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