Hello All,
I am a total newbie at this whole thing and receiving my chair by the end of the month. Reading through a bunch of threads has made me think about the fitment of the chair and what to look for when the chair is delivered. I ordered a Tilite ZRA, I was measure by the sales guy and I figured that was that but now reading through a bunch of posts where people complain that their chair does not fit them well or issues with their chairs right off the bat.

So, being that I am a complete newbie what should I look for during the first fitting? When I was in inpatient rehab I was first put into a folding 40lb hospital chair and then they were nice enough to let me use an aluminum Quickie for three weeks, I will say the difference was amazing not only in comfort but also in performance. When I left inpatient they loaned me another 40lb folding chair which immediately cause some pretty bad lower back pain which I am still living with 7 weeks later. This has been my extent of experience with wheelchairs.

How do I know if my chair fits me well?

What should I look for during the pre-delivery inspection? I figure a once over to make sure all the fasteners look to be tightened make sure it sits square on the floor but anything else?