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Thread: White coating on tongue

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    White coating on tongue

    Has anybody here ever experienced having a white coating on their tongue that won?t go away. Dr put me on anti fungal mouth wash. I rad somewhere that it could be related to having some kind of disease or illness. Lately I?ve been having a lot of digestive and bloating issues. I?ll be seeing a GI doctor june 11. I?m a c4/5 quad 19 years post with a sigmoid end colostomy I elected to have1.5 years ago.

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    Are you hopped up on ditropan?
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    No ditropan. Only meds is gabapentin 600mg at night only

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    It's almost always caused by cellular and food debris filling up the spaces on the tongue's surface, and can be removed by gently brushing and/or scraping the tongue. You can use a washcloth on your tongue, or purchase a specialized tongue scraper.
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