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Thread: Tilite Flip Up Foot Rest Usefulness?

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    Tilite Flip Up Foot Rest Usefulness?

    Hello All,
    Edit: I just saw that I have the adjustable angle footrest and not the flip up version. I am still not a fan of drilling into the tubing.

    So I just found out that when using the flip up footrest on a ZRA and a Freewheel Attachment that you need to pin the footrest in a fixed position. Reading the instructions for the Freewheel it shows that you use two #8 fasteners to secure the footrest and that raises the red flag because I question the chance of shearing this fasteners off over time. I will be spending a lot of time in this chair outside off the beaten path so I am thinking that the Freewheel will be a very useful item. I am a total newbie so I do not have any experience in what the flip up foot rest gets you but I can see that it might be helpful but not really sure. I am wondering if I should change my order to get one of the fixed foot rests or maybe get both a flip up and fixed depending on cost and how easy they are to switch out.


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