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Thread: Pressure sore or Abscess?

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    Pressure sore or Abscess?


    Has anyone come across thinking having a pressure sore on their buttocks but turning out to be an abscess?

    Its ok I've been thinking that I have had a pressure sore/ulcer on my butt cheek for the past year now being told by a tissue viability nurse and dermatologist that it looks more like a abscess.

    I'm not convinced myself but they want me in hospital in the next few weeks to have it cut open and removed, they're also saying its not on a boney area to be a pressure sore.

    Any help would be appreciated who have come across anything like this.


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    Yes I went to a wound specialist for a small red spot on my right buttock and was told it was a stage 2 sore and to go home and stay off of it for a week and I would be good to go. Twenty four hours later it erupted spewing all sorts of nasty looking stuff and leaving a very deep hole in my butt

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    Hi Nevada,
    Thanks for your reply,
    That's exactly how mine started with a little red pimple but now its around 3cm in size but at this stage only superficial but very angry red with sloughing.
    Can I ask how yours healed after you said it erupted into a hole? Did you totally stay off it while healing? How long it took to heal?
    Its ok my local hospital wants to cut it open.

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    i had one that started like that i thought pressure but 2 days later after staying off of it it also erupted and was actually tunneling turned out to be a pilnoidial cyst. ended up having 2 flaps done because of it. after almost 2 years of trying to close it other ways.
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