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Thread: How many times do you intermittent cath yourself a day

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    For the people who SC during the day, and use a Foley at night. Are you using a new foley each night, or cleaning and reusing it? Is anyone using a SC at night and leaving it in for the night to drain into a bag? I was wondering if a touch less system would work for the night, or would it leak between the cath, and the bag?
    My Dad has been intermittent cathing during the day (3x per day) and placing a foley overnight for almost 3yrs. He uses a clean foley each night and washes and re-uses collection bags. I believe there is someone on this site that cleans their foleys and re-uses, but now i forget who..... Smokey, I think, does intermittent cathing during the day, inserts a straight catheter at night and tapes it down (!) and leave it in place overnight to drain (see his post above). A touchless system might be risky, since those don't hold a lot of urine.....
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