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Thread: How many times do you intermittent cath yourself a day

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    Once a day. I insert a catheter at night and drain it into a bedside drainage bag. Usually have1500ml. in the bag by morning. I sleep on my back all night and turn on my left side for the last 2 hours. When I catheterize once during the day it is usually about 5 PM and I get 400 to 600 mL in the bag.

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    8 times a day minimum. Foley at night. I drink over 3 liters a day and it all comes back out.

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    I have always been 3-4 times/day for the past 38 years. Now that I am transitioning back to CIC from a year and a half on foley while wound healing, I am leaking like a sieve so I'm cathing at least 6 times/day. I sleep in a coffin of absorbent products and wake up to change them middle of the night. I am physically exhausted just from all the cathing and pad changing... how do you all handle spending nearly your entire day doing caths? Ugh. I see urologist for urodynamics, etc, next month so I'm worried about getting some bad news about my bladder's future (and my sanity). Taking Trospium for almost a month now but don't see it's helped much. Wondering how much longer I should give it before giving up on the drug all together??

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    I have been battling with leakage for ages, having used 10mg slow release Oxybutynin and 10mg Solifenacin every morning, with another 5mg Oxybutynin every night, along with Botox every six months. In the middle of last year, the GP prescribed what he called a 'new product in the SA market' Betmiga 50mg (aka Mirabegron or Myrbetriq) once a day. This has absolutely changed my life!
    I now only take 5mg Oxybutynin and 50mg Betmiga a day now and leakage is a thing of the past. Even when I had a UTI in December I never leaked a drop. My bladder capacity is also way up. I haven't been for Botox since July 2017.

    To answer the original question, 5 to 8 times a day and maybe once more if I drink beer.
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    5-6 times a day (every 4-5 hours when awake).
    Sleep through the night without leakage. 15mg darifenicin and 50mg mirabegron a day. If drinking alcohol I wear a Foley, if not I'll leak within 30 mins of having a beer.

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    With fresh Botox treatments I cath 4-6 times a day, for ~600ml, no leaking over night. Without Botox I cath 6-8 times a day, for ~250-450ml, with one cath in the middle of the night to avoid a night leak (I wake to the urge to pee). Also, I think i never leak during the day because (off Botox) I have 3/5 normal bladder sensation, so I know when I have to pee, and I just do it. Once I know I have to pee, if I don't, within ~30min I'll have a bladder spasm that causes a decent amount of leakage. I don't take any oral meds.
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    I drink approx 1100-1300cc fluid on average per day. I cath 7 times a day.

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    Seems like a lot of folks have bladder sensation. I'm pretty sure I could get down to 4x/day of I could sense my bladder. I actually have nonsense neuropathic sensation; my strongest (but not real) urgency is after I cath. I assume the mixed up signals from cathing just get assigned to urgency by the confused brain.
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    For the people who SC during the day, and use a Foley at night. Are you using a new foley each night, or cleaning and reusing it? Is anyone using a SC at night and leaving it in for the night to drain into a bag? I was wondering if a touch less system would work for the night, or would it leak between the cath, and the bag?

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    One of the SCI nurses gave this answer about using intermittent catheterization during the day and leaving a catheter in or using a foley catcher at night.

    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    The catheter can dry out, but I am not sure how long that takes. You might want to call the manufacturer and find that out.

    It is not a good idea to leave a catheter in place if that is not how you manage(or plan on managing) your bladder. You are giving the bladder mixed messages - that sometimes it has to hold urine and others it doesn't. I do know there are people out there that do keep a catheter in place over night and it works for them. In my opinion, it is not the ideal, but I do understand the need for sleep...


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