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Thread: Adaptive Home Bathroom?

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    Thank All,
    Some good ideas here. As far as the architect he is working for free, he is good personal friends of my Brother and Sister in-law and wanted to "help out". While I am a newbie I have been transferring from my chair to a toilet, we installed a "comfort height" toilet and I find the transfer super easy. As for showering I was planning on doing what was mentioned, transfer to the bench, or something, and then push my regular chair far enough away so it does not get wet but I can still get it back or use a curtain to protect it, this will be a roll in shower for sure. I never thought about leaning over on a bench to get to my butt, that might work but right now I am still in a bunch of pain which would limit that but in time I could see that as being an option.

    Keep the ideas coming.


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    Welcome aboard, Jim!
    Here's some stuff about my bathroom: #17
    The dual benches was my idea and it actually was a good one! The right bench has the special gel padding which is deep and pricey, but necessary for a healthy butt.
    I can virtually lie on my side on it; I can move my butt to the edge and slouch to get at my groins, etc. It makes leg and foot care very easy, no more falling forward fears!
    I put my glasses on the seat and, holding the grab bar, lean towards the entry and push the chair as far as I can. Sometimes even the foot plate is dry afterwards; all else always dry. As soon as the water is off, I retrieve the chair and park it against my bench and use it to completely lay on my side if I need to totally dry off.

    My sink looks a little better than it works! The basin is virtually flat and it is prone to getting dirty from water retention, but it is very accessible and never a problem with running water running down my arms and dripping off elbows.

    Until a 2012 colostomy, I used a NuProdix? Product? portable shower chair. All his stuff (he's a former motorcycle road racer, quad) is built like aircraft/racecar: stainless steel Allen screws tighten the aluminum split collars that retain the telescopic legs; the aluminum tubular back frame and cushion come off the base, it's retained by two coaxial captive Allens.
    The whole thing disassembles in minutes, is incredibly robust while light weight, and becomes a flat package ~16" square by 4" thick, perfect for traveling, and better than any shower chair I've found in a motel! If used on an uneven surface, the legs can be adjusted slightly by loosening the short one and extending it a little in it's socket, then re-tighten the clamp (for basic height adjustment, it has the typical sprung buttons and a series of holes in each leg)

    Don't know how far you are from me (07853). If you'd like to visit and check everything out and get feed back you'd be welcome to visit. You could even do overnight. The upstairs bathroom is also fully accessible; we lived there for a year while the downstairs got renovated. The house is a converted barn.
    69yo male T12 complete since 1995
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    We recently remodeled our bathroom. We had to move a wall so there was plenty of space to design it the way I wanted. The shower bench is 32" wide so it gives me enough room to lean side to side to wash everywhere. I push my chair to the side and pull the curtain so it doesn't get wet. The raised toilet seat was my idea. I made it out of 3/4" steel tubing. The wall it is attached to is a 2"x6" wall so there is room for it to fold up inside of the wall when not in use. The door going in is 36" wide pocket door. Full album:

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    We remodeled our bathroom last fall. Here is an album with some pictures.

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