Hello All,
Recently SCI here at a T10 level. We have started talking to an Architect about designing a fully adapted bathroom for me, he is a great guy and has some experience with this but as I am finding there is nothing better then talking to people who have BTDT. I would love for our bathroom to look as little like an adaptive bathroom as possible while still being efficient and safe. We are aware of the costs and all but willing to throw money at things that just work and look good. I am thinking the biggest thing will be the shower, we are planning to have a decently large roll in shower where I can then transfer. I would love to have a built in bench but then I wonder how I am going to lean my dirty bits because there is no way to get to them. I hate the idea of a cheesy shower/commode chair but that may be what it is.

Any thought, pictures, ideas would be most appreciated.