So I got hit by a car yesterday. I've dodged that bullet in the 10 years living in the urban area of San Diego. Totally blindsided crossing a major street, from behind turning left. Thankfully a compact, but they didn't slam on the brakes until impact. I was slammed to the ground, and thankfully my service dog was on my opposite side. Else I shudder to think.... We went to the ER, and I got x-rayed all over. Nothing broken, but ouuuch. Worst pain ever. Especially today! My chair, a TiLite ZR, is jacked. The right wheel was bent severely, took the impact. I can tell the frame is out of alignment worse than it has been. I'm told though getting funded and measured this week for a new chair, it'll take weeks to go through. It would take weeks to get even a new wheel. Anyone been in this situation? I need a new chair asap. I can't get in my car, either. Sucks. I need bigger wheels, too!
At least I did get finally funded for a chair! I had never gotten that Ti Fit on the two I've had. I'm getting a Ki Rogue, they have a make it right policy. So cool.