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    stem cell

    after 40 years in chair and now having shoulder pain - has anyone tried or know someone who has tried stem cell therapy for shoulder pain??

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    I had the lipo gem injections done at Kessler back in August 2017. My shoulder feels like new and strong as ever. Dr. Trevor Dyson does the clinical trials at Kessler with Dr. Malanga. They just received another grant and you can read it on there website. It is great to have full function again and no pain. Wish you well.

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    A friend went to Hino Medical Center in Ensenada Mexico (the Director there is a cellular biologist that had a facility in Beverly Hills before the U.S. blocked embryonic cells). My friend's main complaint was an autoimmune blood disorder he blames on Agent Orange.
    They do everything based on your blood.
    When he went in for the blood results they told him they can do much more for him than he'd asked about.
    He had 10-12 days of treatment & raves about it.

    His knees had hurt for a few years - now they don't.

    Lynn and I were talking about it - so I contacted Hino. He said he could probably help with her pain, but needed blood results to say more.
    Lynn's GP ordered all he wanted. After getting the results, he replied that he thought they could help.
    He said California is doing a lot of research - see and is a good place to learn more.
    I'm ready to have her go, but she's doing more research (our standard story). If ALL he could do was reduce her pain it would be worth another $15K on our line of credit,... and if they can achieve more,.... holy craps.

    Its her choice (but I'm pulling for 'yes')

    Stay tuned for future developments

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