Of people who own the Strickers, I've got a couple questions. You guys almost have me convinced (although I need to come up with $6,000 first).

Once it's set up, how quick is it to put in on/off the chair?
I'm trying to see if it's feasible to ride it to a destination and stop off for just a cup of coffee or something or should I plan on several minutes of installation/deinstallation each time.

In your experience (obviously it varies depending on chair set up) how stable is it when cornering?
My chair is 13" wide with only 2 degrees of camber and a relatively high center of gravity (seat pan is relatively high), the width at my tires is something less than 20 inches. I'm worried even a mild turn might tip me over.

Is there a way to test drive a Stricker before you purchase?
If/when I can come up with the money I'd be willing to travel fairly far to test one, but there's no way I'd be dropping 6 grand blind.