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Thread: Looking for any options besides suicide

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    I feel your pain, pun intended! I have a band of tightness right at my SCI level (T-5). It is there continuously, gets worse with movement (exercising, even riding in my van). I have tried EVERYTHING, except medical marijuana. It has just been approved here in Ohio, so that will be my last hope. I know what you mean about suicide; on most days I ask the Lord to take me. I had this pain since the beginning, about 6 years ago. It pretty much ruins everything in my life. Being paralyzed is bad enough.

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    I was able to make an appointment with a doctor that has been certified to prescribe marijuana here in Ohio. Unfortunately, its not until early October. Its really my last hope as I have tried everything. Is medical marijuana legal in your state? SCI is one of the listed medical issues so I'm pretty much guaranteed to be able to obtain it.

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