I'm 11years post paraplegic and I had been taking pain medication that not only helped my pain it helped me function and have a life! Now two months ago my doctors started cutting my meds.I can't function and I end up taking meds to get through the day then go through withdrals.absolutely horrible withdrals! If you don't have chronic pain and think about offing yourself every second please do not reply you do not know what severe chronic pain does to you.I've heard so many people say oh meditate or take crap like gabapentin,liyrica,cimbalta hipnotisim blablabla they don't have a clue.Allbyou need to do is search CDC regulations leading to vetran suicide and then tell them there pain wasn't real.It makes me mad as hell that our veterans are suffering! I'm probly going to get scolded orceven banded for posting this but If I can find a way to help myself I will make sure veterans that are still alive will have a chance at some sort of life in this no common courtesy jacked up world we live in.And if you are going through this I'm sorry and file a complaint with your medical board.I can't blame doctors but they know it's wrong to make patients suffer yet they would rather make a buck rather than have sympathy for a patient in pain! I'm madcas hell and persons responsible need punishments major fines and jail time!!! Please email me at turbrotoy@msn. com I don't give a rat's ass if your option to pain meds is leagle or not.,But nothing is if your not .