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Thread: Schwalbe Airless System

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    Schwalbe Airless System

    These airless tire inserts by Schwalbe look promising. They are being introduced in Europe for ETRTO 40-622 28" tires and later should be coming out in more sizes, which hopefully will include 540s and 559s for wheelchairs.

    "Brings an intuitive feel of an air pressure of around 3.5 bar making the driving characteristics comparable to those of an inner tube ... The technical advantages only cause a slight loss of performance, so the rolling resistance and the weight are slightly higher than for inner tubes."

    I'm hoping to try them on an e-bike soon and will post back about them.

    Schwalbe Takes Airless Tyres To Next Level:
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    Those seem cool. I'm actually most interested in their new tubeless wheelchair tires.
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