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Thread: Investing in marijuana

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    Investing in marijuana

    I am generally a good safe index fund investor, with a few hopeful exceptions. Marijuana seems like a historic reason for hopeful diversion, with significant medical and some recreational legalization, including Gov. Murphy pursuing recreational in NJ. I own some GWPH. Can anyone recommend a good marijuana ETF? Or any other ideas?

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    I can only speak of the Canadian sector. Most of which, after some FOMO in December has reached a bottom and has found some leveling off pre-legalization. Come June 7th, date of passing of the cannabis bill I imagine is when institutional money will begin their positions. Only a handful of banks and large funds have weighed in so far. It'll certainly be a boom over the next few years. Definitely underestimated. I'm long on a few here in Canada.

    I'm certain, and it's obvious that you do your own DD so I'll list a couple ETFs that I would personally consider without being worried. SEED and HMMJ are two which contain the big companies and soon to be big companies of which the management teams have a long history in the cannabis business and former business. They are going to be the biggest/safest top producers with the most growth. You could take from that list and be safe with any one of them individually or all (newstrike maybe not so much but you never know) and make good gains holding long. Of course like any and all, there is always risk and I know you're aware of that.

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