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Just buy an Irypump, it's better, more conducive to paras and quads, and more cost effective in the long run.
This is an interesting device (https://vimeo.com/136707878). "Paraparajumper" gave the following information on another thread: http://sci.rutgers.edu/forum/showthr...igation-for-20

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It is not FDA approved and sold in the US. I did a lot of research, and I can guarantee you the site is legitimate. You need to think about it this way:

I just looked up Peristeen on various sites, the cheapest being a canadian website. I converted CA to USD and the Peristeen unit itself is $125 and the cost of 15 catheters is $215, for a total of $340. If I recall correctly, Peristeen literally recommends replacing the catheter every single time.

How many uses do you get out of each catheter Stephen?

Let's say you can somehow stretch it and get a week out of each catheter, that comes out to $745 a year for the catheters plus $125 for the Peristeen unit, for a year's total of $870. You're already above the cost of the IryPump on year one.

I purchased the IryPump for a little less than $650 through GoldPharma. It comes with one cone+tube set which will last 6 months if you care for it well. 3 additional sets from GoldPharma come out to $120, so for 2 years worth of irrigation the total is $770, still less than one year of Peristeen.

2 years of Peristeen will come out to $1,615 which is $845 more than the IryPump and we haven't even begun to talk about ease of use, balloons popping in your butt, having to hand pump the water yourself versus letting the IryPump do the work for you.

Do some research, but if this is coming out of pocket, I don't even see how anyone could make a legitimate argument for preferring to buy the Peristeen. I read the Peristeen thread here and on other forums and the amount of nonsense and waste of time I was reading about with those catheters made the decision a no-brainer for me. Too many parts, to much finicking around with the Peristeen. The IryPump is so simple and easy to use. Seriously.