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Thread: Ricon Door Operator Limit Switch

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    Ricon Door Operator Limit Switch

    I have a van with Ricon RDO2500 power sliding door operator and Ricon Uni-Lite lift. The lift operation is enabled by the door limit switch such that the lift should deploy only when the door is open.

    That is the theory. Here is the reality:

    1. The lift can deploy when the door is closed.
    2. The lift sometimes fails to deploy when the door is open.

    The problem seems to be a bad contact. I have ruled out the control switches, relays, and connectors. Most likely suspect is that the door limit switch is reporting fake news. It tells the system that the door is open when it is closed and closed when it is open. Because the system is old, it makes sense to replace all switches.

    Where is the door limit switch? I have the schematic so I could find it by tracing the cable. But that may require taking stuff apart. I'd rather just find the limit switch. Any ideas?

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    I just bypassed mine, it was located on the step and easy to get to, yours is probably under the step cover.

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