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Thread: Roho Overlay.

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    Roho Overlay.

    Anyone uses this overlay?
    How Durable is it? I like how it is not operated with a electrical pump. I had to change my electrical pump air-mattress almost every 2years, due to pump failing or air-tube leaking and those cost about $600 Singapore dollers. The Roho overlay cost about $800 Singapore Dollers.

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    My insurance bought me one 18 years ago and i still use it. Only problems I ever had is my cat putting holes in it from jumping up, but a heavy blanket over it prevents this.

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    If you are purchasing one of these, be sure to also purchase at least two of the covers, as they are made of appropriately stretchy material, and treat them as you would a bottom sheet (best to not put any linens between you and the cover/overlay).

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    Thanks SCI-Nurse and those that gave me information.

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