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Thread: How much time spent preparing for bed

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    How much time spent preparing for bed

    I've been thinking a lot lately about the time I now spend getting prepared for bed each night. This is my 38th year in a chair and for the past couple I have noticed what used to take me 15 mins tops, now takes 45mins. This includes, cathing, washing face, brushing teeth, changing clothes, meds etc. Since I developed my Ischial tuberosity nearly 2 years ago, being on wound vac nearly a year and now finally healing the wound after a flap, a year and a half of night time foley care (which is gone now) and now dealing with incontinence, the routine has tripled. It's more exhausting than taking the garbage out and I live four flights and two buildings away from the dumpster! Am I just old and tired and more cranky or is 45 mins not a big deal? That's rhetorical I suppose, I'm really just venting. But I'd love to find some shortcuts or at least a better perspective to make it seem less daunting. What I wouldn't give to just strip off my clothes and flop onto the bed... just once! Siiigh.. memories.

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    "What I wouldn't give to just strip off my clothes and flop onto the bed... just once! Siiigh.. memories."

    God, I hear ya. I do my bowel program at night, and I have to heat up a hot water bottle for my frigid legs, in addition to brush teeth, etc... In the winter I have to soak my lower legs in hot water to get them to warm up before I get in the bed. So it never takes less than 30min, sometimes 90 min!

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    I hear you. It's all relative, I guess. My Dad wishes it only took him 45 minutes!

    Honestly, it takes him a couple hours at least. He's 75, para with a lot of medical problems. Everything takes a lot more time with age. His cathing is slower, his bowels have slowed, and developing a hand tremor with age is another unpleasant variable.

    Cathing, meds, nasal sprays, changing clothes, bowel program (the real wild card), wash up, lung clearing maneuvers, inhalers, brush teeth, place foley, take off compression stockings, skin/feet care with topicals, get CPAP ready, dry mouth treatment, dry eye treatment, more meds and more.....

    And then there are all the things that he skips at night, because it is just too overwhelming.... using a pump for edema for his legs (have you got another hour?), rinsing his sinuses, more complicated teeth care..... Every time a doctor recommends another at home daily care/treatment for something he just sighs. Docs don't understand at all.

    Little things that help....? A radio in the bathroom and an ECHO dot in the bedroom to always have things to listen to. And having another person help can speed up some things. And sometimes you just skip steps for sanity.

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