I am looking to book my flights for my trip to Seattle in September. I want to depart from PHL (Philadelphia), and fly direct. My options are narrowed down to Alaska Air and American. All flights depart/return at roughly the same time. The issue is this. I have a companion pass on Alaska Air, which means my companion's ticket is only $22. American Airlines would therefore cost roughly twice as much. The concern with Alaska Air is that their planes have a cargo door size of 33-35". I have never flown on a plane with such a small cargo door, so I would need to modify my chair in some way (the armrests on my Permobil F3 sit at 33" as is)...likely would have to fully recline the seat back until flat. Which raises some concerns...I prefer that airline staff try not adjust the recline themselves, so how would I do so, and still have them be able to push the chair? Then I'm concerned of them trying to lift the chair by the reclined back, possibly damaging it. So my dilemma is, save half $, or pay double, and fly an airline with a larger cargo door? Anyone used Alaska with a large power chair? They have a great reputation from what I understand.