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Thread: Testosterone

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    This is a study by the nih, there are others too, if you search it out.
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    Clomid might be the way to go to boost the natural test but how is on the kidneys and liver?

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    I am taking Clomiphene Citrate and it is helping me a lot. When my B12 was very low and testostrone was 285, the doctor gave me once a month shot for B12 and told me to go to urologist. Urologist said you have beard and hair on your legs so you don't need testestrone. Then we wanted to have a kid and the urologist told me to go a friend of his that specializes in fertility. He said we want to get your testostrone to 500. So he told me to take Clomiphene Citrate 50 mg every other day. It has been two months now and I feel so much stronger and can do a lot more things. I see a lot of improvements when I do exercises. Please note that B12 also helped me. My urologist might stop it after the fertility treatment but I asked my primary care doctor and she said I could take indefinitely but she also said it might thicken the blood or something so she said she will monitor the bloodwork to see any changes. I am not saying that you should also take B12 also. It is just that my body does not produce enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuentejps View Post
    have you tried the pellets yet? testopel i believe. they are time released and put in under the skin. good for 3 mths. i dont mind the shots but would like to try these.

    same as joe, my levels are kept around 800.
    Been doing TRT about 6 years now, started out with Testopel and didn't like it. You get a stitch every time they implant the pellets and you have no control over tailoring the dosage. Also, a couple of times had and inflamed sore area where they implanted.

    I do test cyp, injecting subcutaneously, like it much better than IM. Less conversion to estradiol doing subcutaneous. Ideally you should be breaking up your dose into 2 injections per week. I also use hcg and arimidex, found that regimen works best for me.

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    I started taking .5ml of test Wednesday. It's a once a week shot.

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