Wouldn't you know it, 55 years post to the first really bad fall. It happened about two months ago, and after six weeks in a brace we find that the unstable compression fracture on & just above my right knee is very probably not going to ever heal. To complicate matters, in 2015 I underwent a Girdlestone procedure on the left leg which left me without a proximal femur. That prior surgery loused up my transfers royally; before I could manage transfers pretty much anywhere but afterward they were restricted to bed <-> wheelchair.

The orthopedic surgeon dealing with the fracture has suggested three possible treatments, two of which even I see are unlikely to succeed. That leaves above-the-knee amputation as the surgeon's best suggestion. And since the left leg is apparently of "no use", the surgeon is of a mind to amputate that one also.

To the doc's advice I've added my own option: To go home without any surgical intervention, hire a strong PCA to help with the necessary transfers, and hope for the best.

The underlying issue is, of course, which course - amputation or winging it - has the best chance of my regaining respectable transfers & balance without in the process incurring gluteal (such they are after 50 years) pressure ulcers?

Everyone is different, and I don't expect paras who've faced the possibility of amputation for different clusters of reasons to give me specific advice; but it would be nice to hear the decisions and experiences of others in similar situations. I did search through CareCure; the latest posts re amputation (from 2015) reinforce my own view of the cons of amputation for ancient paras. Maybe some of those posters can update their experiences here? - fw