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"Twitching" can be fasiculation of the muscles (which can occur in lower motor neuron injury) or spasticity and spasms (in upper motor neuron injury). Common for those with spinal cord injury or disease.

Pain, including visceral pain, may occur due to neuropathic pain caused by the cord damage. The uterus is innervated from T10, so that would be consistent with your cyst levels. Talk to your physician about medications used for chronic neuropathic pain, such as Neurontin (gabapentin) or Lyrica (pre-gablin).

Hi SCI-nurse,

but i definitely have twitches rather than spasms, which makes me wonder whether I also have some kind of lower neuron injury? I was thinking, could it be that the upper neuron problem causes a problem in the muscles of my pelvis, and these muscles damage my peripheral nerves by compressing them when they contract? The symptoms are also worse when I exercise as well.