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A GP can't usually compare images- not trained as specialist or radiologist. The hospital does not call you results, they send it to the ordering doctor who is supposed to give you results. If an emergency or something surgical he would most likely call you asap. The radiologist compares with previous scan and writes his impression at the end of his report.. The doctor who ordered the scan, specialist,, can compare and tell you what to do. If you haven't heard, make an appointment to discuss the results.
Are you on an anti-inflammatory such as Naproxen or Ibuprofen. Might just be inflammation which lasts for quite a while after surgery.
Hi sci-nurse,

I have an appointment on June 12th to see the appropriate doc, it can't come soon enough!
I have tried taking ibuprofen for like 3 days, and I'm not sure it has any effect, it seems to get slightly better for about 2-3 hours after I take it, then it goes back to being crap. I took 2 200 mg 3 times a day. so my hips, knees and spine click a lot! I get some momentary relief when I click them but then pain comes back. I think on of the muscles in my right butt cheek is also shot, as when I move it it feels very fatigued and raw, but maybe that's not much to do with the spine? although that's the initial pain that brought me to A&E!
I guess as you say it could be inflammation, and a lot of it! does stress affect it? cause I'm definitely super stressed about this. I mean, for the first 3 months I cried every day. now I only cry 3 times a week I guess. but still, I worry a lot! all the doctors I see tell me that I need to stop worrying so much, but it's easier said than done. I think I'll drop dead one of these days..