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Thread: severe neck pain

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    severe neck pain

    This is for SCINURSE or anyone with a cervical fusion. I broke my neck at c4-c5 28 years ago. The c4/c5 vertebrates were fused together no metal or anything foreign was used. Today I am experiencing severe pain and stiffness. I understand fusions can cause painful arthritis and i'm sure that's part of what's causing my pain. The question I have, can a fusion be undone and can the c4/c5 structure be rebuilt back to a more natural state like before the break. I ask this question after reading the article below.
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    I can not say that in your case a fusion can be reversed and artificial disc replacement done since I am not a physician. It seems that many physicians are going that way in the non-traumatic world, but in the world of trauma it is a little different for a lot of clinical reasons. I would recommend that you find an orthopedic or neurosurgeon who has experience with the artificial disc and have them exam you and look at your radiologic studies.

    You say that you are sure that the arthritis that can be caused by fusions is causing some of your pain. How do you know that? I would get checked out and see if that is the cause - there are other reasons for the pain and you would want to make sure that is the reason before treating that.

    I hope that this helps.

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