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Thread: Braun Chrysler Pacifica concern

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    Braun Chrysler Pacifica concern

    I have a 2017 Braun Chrysler Pacifica conversion. I have had it since October, and so far I really like most everything about it. However, there is one thing that concerns me. When the power ramp-side door opens, as it gets to the last 2 feet or so on the track, it kicks the ramp door out real wide, to the point that I don't know how it would be possible to park curbside without scraping the door along the curb. I imagine switching the kneel function might help on lower curbs, but on high curbs, it would probably still hit. The only fix would be to park further from the curb, but that then puts the vehicle out in traffic. I'm not quite sure why it is designed this way, as the driver side slider does not open this way. Anyone else have similar issues?

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    A picture or video may be helpful. I have a Dodge Caravan Crew and have scrapped the door a couple of times parking too close to the curb. I never use the kneel feature. Most municipalities say you need to be 6-8" of curb. Does it reallly jet out that far?

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    Don?t have a picture to share right now, but the answer is ?yes?.

    This is the response I received from Braun:

    The door is engineered this way to create a larger door opening for entering and exiting the vehicle. Without this extra kick back, the door opening would be three or four inches less (as you can see in comparison from the driver side sliding door opening). We haven't yet received complaints of the door hitting, but we certainly thank you for making us aware of this design issue. We will communicate this to our internal design teams for feedback.

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    Same thing happens on my Sienna. Have to park further from the curb to compensate. Just be mindful in the city. I've gotten several tickets for being too far from the curb and had to fight them.

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    My sliding door got stuck on my 2002 grand caravan parked next to a curb a couple of days ago. I did not use the kneel function, in fact I have it turned off and locked in the up position. This van has a 10 inch lowered floor. What happened is the added skirt on the door to compensate for the lower 10 inches is what got stuck.
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    Generally when I'm working curbside, you don't need to use the kneel function as you're not descending as far a vertical distance. Therefore, I usually turn it off when I am curbside. This can avoid the problem of dropping the door onto the sidewalk as it kneels. If the door is above the height of the sidewalk then, as it kicks out you should be okay. However, if the door is lower than the height of the sidewalk, then you could kick the door out right into the sidewalk.

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