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Thread: Shower/Cammode Chair Seat cracking stop.

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    Shower/Cammode Chair Seat cracking stop.

    I've been using an Invacare Mariner Shower/Cammode Chair since 2005 and the vinyl seat covering is still just like new. We use calmoseptine ointment on my butt and the ONLY thing we found that would remove it was baby oil. Every so often we clean the entire seat with baby oii, I really never thought about it but that must have kept the seat nice and supple. Completely and totaly free of any spliting or cracking, anywhere on the seat. I'm positive this would help preserve the seats of most shower chairs.

    When I moved in 2005 into my now crip remodeled, previous 23 feet deep, two car garage at my hunting camp, the Mariner was the least expensive S/C Chair that I could find and thankfully the VA ordeered it for me to take home. I think the cost was about $475 and I was shocked at the price back then but it was the first time I ever found out about the rip-off prcing of medical equipment. The only problem is BLACK RUBBER TIRES, which leave difficult to remove marks on the white floors of the shower. Magic Erasers, with some scrubbing, will remove them. I have since put down 2 Bath Mats that I cut to fit widthwise on both sides of the drain, which stopped them. It's when I'm moving around washing myself, that the black rubber tires rub their marks into the floor.

    Good luck with yours and I believe that baby oil could potentialy save a bunch of money for folks and possibly, a lot of aggravation also.
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