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Thread: Any other power wheelchair besides permobil?

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    Any other power wheelchair besides permobil?

    I am now needing to get a brand new power wheelchair with tilt, recline, and elevating leg rest. I don't like the look of permobil but it seems everyone is pushing me towards it. I have had a quickie 636 for 14 years. I have heard the newer quickie mid Wheels are having a lot of problems. I have been told that the quickie 636 is still being made but likely to be phased out as all rear wheel wheelchairs are being. As you all know change for quadriplegics is a huge deal especially after you had the time to spend in your chair. I'm wondering if anyone has gotten the newer mid wheel quickies or even a quantum? I know some people love their permobil but I have spoken to others that tell me to stick with what I have. Comment, suggestions, or advice please?
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    Don't get a Quantum is my only thoughts on this. Personally I'd not use anything but a permobil (and I have had, and destroyed, 3 Quickie chairs and an Invacare before my permobil).

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    I'm about to buy an Ottobock Juvo RWD, they do a FWD version as well. About 60% of the price of Permobil and 2 dealers I spoke to no longer recommend Permobil, over priced and with poor service here in the UK. I'd started by looking at Permobil but wouldn't now pay the price for one. Too many other options.

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    I got a Quantum last may and it's the best chair I've ever had.

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    I have an Invacare Storm Series 3G Torque SP rear wheel drive base with the Motion Concepts power seat with tilt, recline, and elevate. Only had it for four months everything works perfectly. So far it's one of the best I've had.

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    Many chairs out there but finding one to match your needs and a dealer to not only do sale but be there for repairs is my biggest concerns.
    RWD Chairs:
    My wife has a Permobil C350 with Corpus seating(think it's 7 years old now), which has features you posted. About 1 1/2 years ago new owners of our old DME came out as said need replace instead of repair. Motors leaking and they noted acouple other things. But we gave up on dealer and did not obtain a new chair from them. My wife currently using her older backup chair til we decide try finding a new dealer.

    I have had in past two 21st Century Scientific H-Frames. Both same with Heavy-duty upgrade. They are built like a tank! One lasted about 12 years, control module failed DME said cost factor/age to replace. Got the second H-Frame, still built like a tank and age got best of her, too. Both were equipped as you posted.

    I've have a AmySystem AllTrack R3-Heavy Duty upgrade with group 24 batteries. Nice chair but had problems since new with fitting(seat way to big). It has same equipment as you posted. I forgot one problem that comes and goes, tilt sometimes don't want work and have go though menu a few times to get going. When Tech out he recommended to replace chair due seating, age, etc. That's on hold same reason as my wife's new chair. I'm also using my old backup chair.

    Quantum Edge with OttoBock backrest 3 and ROHO Quadtro cushion with powered seating/articulating footboard. Pretty compact, has Group 22 batteries and is my current daily chair. Other than batteries nothing extra been needed, just pretty much age on her.

    We've had a few other models/brands but those are not even available now. BTW: Not sure if Permobil even has the C350 now either.

    "Good Luck!" whatever you decide on be sure to Demo in your normal areas and check with having Manufacture Rep do Demo and go over the measurements closely as well as run over these wit Rep if they do Demos with you.

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